While not all premierships can be celebrated on this site, a number of them are historically important. The following photos are of the winning team from matches such as the clubs first premiership, right up to the team that won the super 8's competition in 1999.

Our first Premiership Side 1960/61 (Box Hill Reporter District Association)

Back: Le Theobold, K. Deer, D. Sexton, L. Storch, E. Grey, R. Goldin, J. Fitzsimmons, R. Thompson, B. Frayne
Front: R. Pendergast, V. Theobold, J. Wilkins

Our First ECSA Premiership Side 1974/75
Back: J.Legge, K. Jackson, B. Amory, T. Jenkins, P. Dakis, G. Wakerman, J. Sharp
Front: D. Delmo, R. Hammond, M. McColl, J. Styles, D. Flavell

Our first Senior Turf Premiership 1995/96
Back: P. Collingwood, R. Cahill, D. Hopkins, S. Avery, N. Rice, S. Watt, R. Williams
Front: N. Fernando, G. Knight, P. Knight, C. Patton, P. Avery