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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
11055790231267112663907105Ross J FernandoBulleen2017/2018F Turf (Patterson Shield)2 1Hawthorn
283826523126711277176383Merrick BlakeBulleen2017/2018Under 18 S J Hamilton4 1Edinburgh
383627049126711279202583*Fergus HillBulleen2017/2018Under 16B A R Tongue2 1Edinburgh
481982694126711265999281Sudesh Umayanga F GurugeBulleen2017/2018Wright Shield7 1Burwood
579939189126711277176379Jordan Stackwood-SmithBulleen2017/2018Under 18 S J Hamilton4 1Edinburgh
678781211126711266390578*Damian BisinellaBulleen2017/2018F Turf (Patterson Shield)1 1Donvale
776745514126711277176176*Thomas BisinellaBulleen2017/2018Under 18 S J Hamilton3 1Kew Junior
868982694126711265998668Sudesh Umayanga F GurugeBulleen2017/2018Wright Shield5 1Donvale
968107196126711265997568Nicholas C AndrewsBulleen2017/2018Wright Shield3 1Deepdene Bears
106633241126711265998866Paul GleddenBulleen2017/2018Wright Shield6 1Hawthorn
1163982694126711265998863Sudesh Umayanga F GurugeBulleen2017/2018Wright Shield6 1Hawthorn
1263781211126711266238863Damian BisinellaBulleen2017/2018D Turf (Mair Shield)8 1La Trobe University
13561660222126711265998856Gareth WoolleyBulleen2017/2018Wright Shield6 1Hawthorn
1454107196126711265996854Nicholas C AndrewsBulleen2017/2018Wright Shield1 1Deepdene Bears
1553357679126711277175153*Mark EvendenBulleen2017/2018Under 18 S J Hamilton1 1Donvale
1650627049126711279202250*Fergus HillBulleen2017/2018Under 16B A R Tongue1 1Bulleen Templestowe
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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